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De-icing reagents

Anti-icing agents - effective means to combat the formation of an ice crust on the pavement surface, relevant for the cold season....


Heat carrier for solar systems

We, as manufacturers of FRREEZLIGHT antifreezes and coolants, often face the question of what kind of coolant should be bought for solar systems or solar collectors. Undoubtedly,More

Antifreeze – how to choose?

Antifreeze is an indispensable tool for all cooling systems that are equipped with an internal combustion engine. Undoubtedly, there are antifreezes (heat carriers)...

Фото как выбрать теплоноситель

How to choose a coolant for heating

Now the Ukrainian market has a fairly large selection of heat transfer fluids for heating. Heating fluids may differ in composition, mode of use, temperature, manufacturer, additives, and this...

Фото раствор пропиленгликоля

An aqueous solution of propylene glycol

Aqueous propylene glycol is a safe liquid that can be used in many industries. For example, confectionery and cosmetics, food industry, tobacco industry. However, it is popular to buy...