exchange and return of goods

Return (exchange) of goods is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine within 14 calendar days.

For this you need:

Transportation costs for the return of goods of good quality are paid by the buyer.
We would like to inform you that if the delivery of such goods is not paid by you or the shipment is cash on delivery, then the Seller Company will not be able to receive this goods. Such shipment will be sent back to the buyer in accordance with the terms of transportation of transport companies.

Return is not possible if the product has obvious signs of use, alteration and, moreover, damage.

Acceptance of the goods by the buyer at the warehouse of the transport company means acceptance of the external integrity of the package, the external condition of the goods (the absence of mechanical damage) and the completeness of its completeness.

In the event of the presence of the listed shortcomings, the buyer must record this in the Act drawn up by the carrier. The act must be signed by the buyer and an employee of the transport company. Then report the identified shortcomings to the seller’s manager and agree on further actions. In case of non-compliance with this procedure, the goods are recognized in proper condition, without mechanical damage and in full.

Exchange and return of goods of inadequate quality

The goods are returned on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights” in Art. 8, which states that if the buyer has identified cardinal defects in the product, which could have occurred only through the fault of the supplier, then the buyer may demand its replacement or a refund of his money.
Obvious shortcomings, if you rely on paragraph 12 of Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, there may be shortcomings due to which the goods cannot be used for their intended purpose.

If hidden defects were discovered after the start of operation

Please contact us by phone: +38(067)559-99-05,+38(099)799-99-92
or email:
We will perform a laboratory analysis, as a result of which a decision will be made on further actions – replacement or refund.

Product return method

IMPORTANT! Exchange and return of goods are carried out only by prior agreement with the representative of the Seller.
The goods can be sent to us with a completed Return Application by the courier service indicated on the website of the Novokhim Company. To do this, you must issue a return and pay the cost of transporting the goods to the transport company.
When making a return, you will be issued a shipping document. Please tell us his number by calling: +38(067)559-99-05, +38(099)799-99-92. Please note that you are responsible for shipping costs. If you do not pay for shipping, we will not be able to receive this package. Such parcels are returned to the Sender.

Refund policy

Funds, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine, are returned within 7 calendar days from the moment we receive the goods and register the completed Return Application. In practice, we return the money the same day or within 2 working days after the arrival of the goods.

Download the Product Return Form