Construction chemistry

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Type Fertilized
State of matter
coolant brand
coolant type
Type of metalworking
Material type
Cutting speed
Coolant analogue
Coolant base
Freezing point
Фото кальций углекислыйCalcium carbonate / calcium carbonate

25 кг

Price from
Фото СОЖ Defender-oil 201Formwork lubricant Defender OIL-201 / Shuttering oil

10kg, 50kg

Price from
Ортофосфорная кислота в канистреPhosphoric acid technical 75%

15 кг | 1 кг

Price from
Ортофосфорная кислота в канистреOrthophosphoric acid food grade 85%

35 кг | 1 л

Price from
Фото цеолит природныйNatural zeolite

50 кг | 5 кг

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Building additives

in other words, building chemistry – plasticizers, water repellents for concrete, hardening accelerators, anti-frost additives. As well as pigments and dyes for concrete products, lubricant for stripping and other liquid and dry building mixes from leading manufacturers. You can always buy building chemicals in the Novokhim online store of chemical reagents at the best prices in Kharkov.

In the cold season and at sub-zero temperatures, anti-frost additives will be indispensable in use. For example, sodium formate or calcium chloride. You can buy building additives in bulk in our chemical reagent store. As well as more than 1500 types of chemicals for all areas of industry and agriculture.

To increase strength, resistance to temperatures and precipitation, it is necessary to buy the necessary building mixture, namely a water-repellent liquid.

Manufacturers of concrete products understand that any production of such products requires the purchase of building additives. To be more precise, pigments for concrete, stripping agents, cement remover, plasticizer and many other construction chemicals, based on the technological process.

In the Novohim Company you will find a wide range of building mixtures and additives, as well as professional advice from technical specialists.

You can buy building additives and mixtures from a warehouse in Kharkov or with delivery in Kyiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Lvov, Vinnitsa and throughout Ukraine.