About company

LLC NOVOCHEM successfully operates in the market of industrial chemistry Ukraine since 1995. Over the past decades, the company has become one of the largest and rapidly developing in the Eastern region of Ukraine. A highly professional team performs complex production tasks, completes a wide and well-thought-out range of raw materials and materials for more than 800 leading enterprises of our country.

Expert support
The company's experts provide technical support
for regular customers by sections:
Lubricating fluids (coolants)
Shine additives
Heat carriers

For our clients


We carry out laboratory
analyzes of working solutions


We carry out visits to the
production of our customers


We give recommendations
on the correction and composition
of working fluids

The product range of the company

industrial chemistry

Fertilizers, trace elements, plant protection


building chemistry


chemical raw materials for the agricultural and food industries

Heat carrier for heating and air conditioning systems

chemicals for swimming pools and ponds

Enterprise specialization
complex supply of chemical products:

galvanic, thermal, foundry production

metalworking production, instrument-making enterprises

dressing and dyeing of fur and leather

for the production of paving slabs, concrete products, foam blocks, aerated concrete

water treatment for boiler houses, water treatment at treatment plants

pool water treatment

food (confectionery, meat processing, oil and fat, etc.)

complete set of rubber products, thermal insulation materials.

for our clients

Large production warehouse complex

Order picking "All from one source"

Expert support

Loading and delivery

Customer-friendly payment system

Sending cargo through logistics companies

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