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Смачиватель ОП в канистре 10лWetting agent ОP

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Surface-active surfactants
these are reagents that provide a decrease in surface tension, increase the solubility of components and foaming.

The use of surfactants has the widest scope. They are used in almost all areas of industry. Buying surfactants is first of all necessary for the production of detergents, cleaning agents, shampoos, lotions, gels and other cosmetics. Household chemicals account for more than 50% of their expenses. In addition, the remaining portion of South Africa can be bought wholesale for use in:

textile industry
leather production
scientific developments
paint industry
production of building chemicals
production of fertilizers and plant protection products
oil production industry, etc.

Types of surfactants:

Nonionic surfactants (do not form ions in aqueous solutions)
Cationic (form positively charged ions)
Anionic surfactants (form negatively charged ions)
Ampholite (depending on environmental conditions, they can be cationic or anionic)
Polymer (with a large number of molecular links that have groups of different polarity)

Go to the link and see detailed information about the classification and properties of surfactants

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