Do-it-yourself coolant

Фото СОЖ своими руками

Making coolant with your own hands is a very real and solvable task. To do this, you will need a simple list of necessary components, as well as time and energy resources.

This article will cover:

  • DIY Oil Based Coolant
  • Water based cutting fluid
  • And still, what to choose: factory or homemade coolant

Coolants or coolants have a very wide range of positive effects on the metalworking process. This explains their distribution and celebrity.

TOP 5 coolant benefits:

  1. Thanks to the use of coolant, you can double the life of equipment and tools
  2. 25-50% improvement in metal finish.
  3. Ensure a high level of quality and work comfort.
  4. Increase labor productivity by 20-50%.
  5. Increase the overall savings in material and time resources of the enterprise.

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However, it may not always be economical or feasible to purchase factory coolant. For example, if the enterprise has financial difficulties or the metalworking process is performed quite rarely. In such cases, as one of the options, it is possible to make the necessary coolant for machine tools with your own hands.

Homemade SO, is it possible?

For the sake of economy, some cheap and alternative compositions are likely to be used. But will there be any guarantee that the machine fluid obtained in this way will work correctly and safely?
If the quality of the lubricant for metalworking is guaranteed by the manufacturer, then in the case of such a “self-made” coolant, you yourself will be responsible for the consequences.

How to make coolant for a machine with your own hands? Here are some recipes:

DIY DIY oil coolant RECIPE.

It’s easy to make your own cutting fluid. To prepare the base, you will need mineral oil, surfactant and water. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  1. Mix 200 grams of surfactant, industrial oil, diesel fuel and soda ash.
  2. Add 30ml dish detergent concentrate.
  3. The resulting mixture must be brought to a volume of 10 liters with tap water
  4. Then heat over medium heat to 90 °C, stirring continuously.
  5. Use the resulting concentrate in a ratio of 1:3 with water.

Recipes with industrial oil can be substituted for motor oil, and liquid soap can be used instead of surfactants.

DIY coolant recipe for lathe and drilling.

Water-based cutting fluid is slightly easier to prepare.
The composition of coolant for DIY metalworking may change. The main essence of preparation is based on the fact that all components of the composition are dissolved in warm water.

An aqueous solution of soda ash with sodium nitrate can be used. It will have some anti-corrosion properties and can be used in milling and drilling. And if trisodium phosphate is introduced into the composition, then it can also be used on lathes.

remember about the safety precautions for working with chemicals. Such work must be carried out in an industrial area with good ventilation, using personal protective equipment.

Many people are interested in making their own cutting fluid for metalworking. However, few people think about the consequences. Most experts in the metalworking industry are of the opinion that the purchase of factory-made coolants is the best and most justified option.

Disadvantages of using homemade coolant for metalworking.

  1. It has unstable characteristics.
  2. The applied tandem of components does not meet the expected result.
  3. Fast susceptible to bacteremia and decay.
  4. Destruction of expensive processing tools and equipment.
  5. Corrosion on machined parts and bed surface.
  6. The occurrence of processing defects.
  7. Inhalation Exposure
  8. Occurrence of skin allergies in workers
  9. Loss of orders and reputation due to poor processing quality.
  10. A waste of time and resources.

As you can see for yourself, such an activity as making coolant with your own hands has more disadvantages than advantages.
However, if you still decide to prepare the cutting fluid yourself, then remember that you will definitely have to come into contact with chemicals. Be sure to use protective equipment for the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract. At the first manifestations of malaise, nausea, itching, consult a doctor immediately.

Given the possible consequences of self-preparation of coolant, we recommend not to experiment and buy a ready-made cutting fluid to easily solve the problems of your enterprise.

Homemade cutting fluid is potentially hazardous to both health and equipment. Only you are responsible for the negative results obtained. By applying the advice from this article, you take full responsibility.

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After all, the right choice of coolant is the key to a successful metalworking process!

In our production, we have abandoned harmful components: nitrites, phenol, chlorine, sulfur and other toxic substances.
Use quality materials with a predictable result and a 100% quality guarantee from the manufacturer!