Threading paste Defender Zoom / Cutting fluid for tapping and drilling

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Now you can buy cutting fluid for drilling Defender Zoom in Kharkov from the warehouse of Novohim online store and wholesale chemical base.

Our product range also gives you the opportunity to order and buy paste for thread-cutting, cutting fluid for deep drilling and other heavy metal-working operations.

Where can buy cutting fluid for metal drilling at the best price in Ukraine?
What features and functions should a metal cutting fluid for deep drilling?
How to save the cutting tool when drilling metal?
Where can I buy coolant for tapping threads in stainless steel?

With the help of this article and our technicians you can solve these questions and problems by calling +38 (067) 559-99-07, +38 (099) 799-99-92 or send a message via Viber +38 (067) 559-99-05.

There is a perception in society that when performing a particular metalworking operation, you can do without the use of coolant and lubricant cutting fluid. In other words, cut costs or use cheap folk remedies. Such “economy” leads to a significant reduction in life of expensive tools, equipment and reduced quality of metal surfaces processing by 40-50%.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing cutting fluid for drilling and threading?

To correctly buy coolant for metal drilling and threading in Ukraine you should pay attention to the following criteria, which it must have.

Top 3 properties of cutting fluid for deep drilling and threading:

1. Reduces friction force during machining (has the highest lubricating ability);
2. Removes heat from the cutting zone (effective cooling capacity)
3. Effectively removes chips from the drilling area (has high washing properties).

Buy coolant threading and cutting coolant in Ukraine.
Paste for metal drilling can be purchased from the manufacturer in Kharkov. We recommend ordering oil-containing water-soluble and water-soluble coolants for drilling, deep drilling and thread-cutting.

The composition of these lubricants-coolants will 100% ensure the highest quality of machining, guarantees doubling of tool life and maximum lubricating properties. threading paste is suitable for drilling of all steel grades, cast iron and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Depending on production conditions and customer requirements our specialists will select the most suitable modification СОЖ Биоль or Defender for drilling, tapping and other heavy metalworking operations.


In addition, we recommend a specialized paste for tapping, which you can buy from 1kg. Defender Zoom is a cutting fluid for tapping, drilling and deep hole drilling. Specially developed high-tech compound for heavy metalworking operations.

Why buy threading paste?

1. Reduces the stress on your cutting tools by half.
2. Reduces friction between workpiece and tool by up to 80%.
3. Improves the quality of the machined surface by more than 50%.
4. Improves tool wear resistance
5. Has an economical flow rate
6. Has a 100% guarantee of lubricating properties.
7. Protects the part from possible damage during machining
8. Safe for people and the environment.

Works with metals such as: aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless and high-alloy steel, cast iron.

Application possibilities for thread cutting paste:

  1.  Undiluted – The paste is ready to use. Can be applied by brush or tool dipping.
  2. Can be diluted with 30-50% water.
  3.  Can be used as Lubricant-coolant fluid for lathes in concentration of 5%.

 Paste for thread-cutting Defender Zoom and cutting fluid for drilling can be bought in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Sumy, Dnepr, Vinnitsa, Kherson and all over Ukraine.

Get technical advice and order coolant for deep drilling directly on the site or by phone sales department. Apply!

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Threading and deep-drilling paste Defender Zoom

The use of Defender Zoom water soluble tapping paste provides:
– Reduces the stress of the tool used, including tapping, drilling, etc.
– promotes creation of highly effective lubricating film in the zone of cutting,
– significantly reduces the friction coefficient between the tool and the workpiece,
– It effectively removes heat from the cutting zone between the tool and the workpiece,
– Increases tool life,
– Reduced possibility of damage to the workpiece surface during machining,
Increased wear resistance of cutting tools,
– high quality of machined surfaces.

Operations where application of water-soluble paste Defender Zoom is recommended

– thread cutting;
– deep drilling
– all types of turning and milling work (applied in diluted condition)


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