Lubricant-coolant fluid Biol UNIVERSAL / Cutting fluid Biol U

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Water-soluble cutting fluid BIOL-UNIVERSAL application:

lubricant-coolant Biol-U can be bought in the online store of chemicals Novohim. Universal synthetic cutting fluid concentrate.

It is very reliable and economic coolant for metal working. It perfectly works with all types of metal machining.

Recommended for machining of :

  • ferrous metals
  • titanium
  • cast iron
  • medium and high alloy steels
  • stainless steel .

Example of application of cutting fluid BIOL-UNIVERSAL :

Large heavy engineering plant

Initial situation:

A machine-building plant offered to test a Biol-Universal metalworking fluid. The reason – when using the former lubricant-coolant there were problems with allergies on hands, unpleasant smell from the tank, low purity of the processed surface of parts, corrosion of metal surfaces, foaming.


Working solution of Biol-Universal was prepared in a separate container and centralized in a tank of 400 liters for a wheel-grinding machine, tank capacity of 100 liters for a drilling machine, tank capacity of 200 liters for a milling machine and tank capacity of 150 liters for a screw-turning machine.

The initial concentration of the working solution is 5% on the processing of hard steel and cast iron. Water prepared from the well was used. Dosing of coolant into the grinding and turning machines was carried out with a coolant solution with a concentration of 3%, and into the drilling and milling machines with a concentration of 5%.


Biol-Universal fluid showed excellent results: no foaming, cleanliness of processed surface increased, tool wear reduced by 30%, no corrosion on parts and tools, unpleasant smell of working solution disappeared. The cutting fluid has been in operation for 9 months and during this period no allergies have been observed in the workers.


Produced in accordance with TU U 20.5-24346849-010:2013 Amendment № 1:2017

Recommended concentration of the working solution:

  1. Grinding-3-5%
  2. Turning-5%
  3. Drilling-5%
  4. Deep drilling-7-10%
  5. Drawing 7-10%
  6. Milling-5%
  7. Boring-5-7%
  8. Grinding tools 5-7%
  9. Polishing-3-5%
  10. Honing 7-10%


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Cutting fluid Biol-U buy in Kharkov you can from the warehouse of Novohim Company and with delivery in Kiev, Dnepr, Poltava, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa and all over Ukraine.

Сoolant brand


Type of cutting fluid


Type of metalworking

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BIOL-Universal lubricant:

  • It has high lubricating properties. Service life of consumable tools (cutters, drills, etc.) increases significantly.
  • It is used for drilling, turning, milling, threading, etc.
  • Low foam.
  • Environmentally friendly does not contain sulfur and chlorine additives nitrites, phenols.
  • Resistant to corrosion and biopollution at the recommended concentrations.
  • Works on any water hardness. Easily miscible.


BIOL-Universal cutting fluid has the following physico-chemical parameters:

Норма по ТУ
Концентрат Раб.раствор
1.Внешний вид

Однородная жидкость от

желто-коричневого до светло желтого цвета применяемого красителя

2.Запах Специфический, нераздражающй Отсуствует
3.Растворимость в воде Неограниченная __
4.Коррозионное воздействие на чугуны, стали и сплавы цветных металлов __ Отсутствует
5.Плотность при 20ºС, г / см³

0,9 – 1,2

0,99 – 1,05

6.РН среды

8,0 – 11,0

8,5 – 10,5

Стабильность при хранении


Biol-Universal fluid must be stored in the container of the manufacturer at positive temperature.
Shelf life is 1 year.

Buy Biol Multifunctional lubricant-coolant fluid in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can at Novohim company in individual containers of 10 liters or in standard packaging in cans and barrels of 50 kg.


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