Emulsol TUV-95 (universal water-soluble cutting fluid)

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Emulsol TUV-95 application:

– is an organic substance, semi-synthetic emulsol for machine tools, well soluble in water.  You can buy emulsol TUV-95 for metalworking at Novohim online store of chemicals.

This cutting fluid can be used in two ways:

  1. For metalworking processes
  2. For use in the manufacture of concrete products.

Emulsol for metalworking is practically a homogeneous oily liquid. It has an original but not annoying smell. Liquid may contain “cream”. Its density at 20 ºC is 0.85-0.99g/cm3 , kinetic viscosity at 40 ºC is 1.0-15.0 mm2/s. The pH of the emulsion and working solution should not deviate from 7.0 – 10.0.

Example of application of oil-containing metal cutting fluid TUV-95:

Manufacturer of steel, cast iron and stainless steel parts.

Initial situation:

The customer had previously used an oil-containing cutting fluid from another Ukrainian manufacturer in the form of a 5-10% working solution. During 5 days, the working solution in the tank became stratified and darkened. Within 2 weeks, unpleasant smell and corrosion appeared on the surface of the machine. When processing stainless steel parts the cutting tools were quickly out of order.
The purpose of the test was to find a metalworking fluid with a longer service life. It would also provide protection against corrosion and bacterial attack. In addition, it would reduce wear on the cutting tools without compromising the quality of the machined surface.


It was decided to test an oil-containing lubricant coolant cutting fluid TUV-95. A 5% and 7% working solution was prepared from TUV-95 concentrate using tap water. Important: Cutting fluid concentrate was poured into the water tank, not the other way around.
A 5% working solution (19 parts of water to 1 part of concentrate) was poured into a lathe for machining ordinary steel. For the drilling machine for the operation of deep-drilling steel – 7% solution of coolant (13 parts of water to 1 part of concentrate). For the milling machine, 7% working solution of TUV-95 was also used for machining of stainless steel parts. A 4% solution was prepared for adding fluid to the machine. The concentration of working solutions was monitored using a refractometer.


An oil-containing emulsol TUV-95 worked for 6.5 months without faults. No corrosion was observed on the surface of the machine and the parts to be treated. There was no separation of the working fluid when it was properly prepared and used. The wear and tear of the cutting tools on steel and cast iron processing was reduced by 22%. For stainless steel – by 34%. During operation of TUV-95 cutting fluid there was no unpleasant smell of the working solution and no allergies among workers.

ATTENTION! When diluting, pour concentrate into water, do NOT pour water into concentrate!

Regularly adjust the working solution in the machines.

Fill the machines only with the working solution of the coolant and not with water.

Correctly prepare the working solution using a refractometer.  Do not allow the concentration to fall below the permissible value.

Recommended concentration for different types of metal machining:

  • Turning-5%.
  • Grinding -5% Drilling -5%
  • Deep Hole Drilling-7-10%
  • Drawing 5-7%.
  • Hobbing-5-7%
  • Thread rolling and tapping-5-7%
  • Milling-5%
  • Boring-5-7%
  • Honing-5-7%

In terms of human exposure TUV-95 refers to substances of Hazard Class 4 (low hazardous substances) according to GOST 12.1.007-76. Emulsol for machine tools TUV-95 is nonexplosive and incombustible.

It is produced under TU U 20.5-24346849-012:2016 by modern technology from European quality components.



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Emulsol TUV-95 you can buy in Kharkov from the warehouse of Novohim Company and with delivery in Kiev, Dnepr, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Poltava and all over Ukraine.

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Oil concentrate of water-soluble emulsol TUV-95:

  • possesses high lubricating properties
  • increases tool wear resistance
  • recommended for machining of high-alloyed steels for particularly heavy operations

Requirements for transportation and storage:

Emulsol TUV-95 is a low-toxic, non-flammable, explosion-proof substance in accordance with GOST 12.1.007-76. Personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles, gloves – should be used when working with Emulsol TUV-95.

Emulsol TUV-95 is produced in polyethylene barrels and canisters of 50 and 10 liters. Emulsol TUV-95 is delivered to customer as emulsion concentrate and then independently prepared working solution at application place according to instructions provided by experienced specialists of Novohim company’s sales department.

Emulsol TUV-95 should be stored in original package in covered, heated warehouses, equipped with forced ventilation systems, protected from moisture and light, isolated from flammable substances

Emulsol TUV-95 is recommended to be transported by covered railroad or automobile transport, in compliance with goods transportation regulations, operating for these types of transport.

Buy Emulsol TUV-95 in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can in Novohim company in individual packages of 1 kg or in standard packaging in barrels and canisters of 50 and 10 liters.


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