Lubricant-cooling fluid Biol Lemon / Cutting fluid Biol Lemon

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Lubricant-coolant fluid with excellent anti-corrosive properties and high biopersistence.

Cutting fluid “BIOL-LEMON” buy in the online store of chemicals Novohim. Concentrate for lathes, milling and grinding machines.

Recommended for use on operations blade and abrasive machining cast iron, low-alloy steel in a particularly dirty manufacturing conditions. Cooling and lubricanting fluid “BIOL L” refers to water-miscible synthetic coolants produced according to TU U 20.5-24346849-010:2015 This product is used by machine-building and metal-working enterprises.

Properties of cutting fluid for lathes:

  1. High economy: only 2-5% concentrate is required to prepare the working solution.
  2. Excellent biopersistence (suppresses reproduction of fungi, bacteria and mold in the working solution).
  3. Ease of use: Biol Limon concentrate is instantly dissolved in water without heating and long stretching.
  4. Effective over a wide range of water hardness – from 0 to 21 eq/l.
  5. Coolant preparation of the working solution.

It is recommended to prepare the working solution of liquid coolant in a centralized manner, in a separate container. Entrust this duty to one responsible person. Prior to preparation one should stir up BIOL-Lemon concentrate.
BIOL-Lemon fluid concentrate is added to a clean container, where the required amount of water is already poured, and stirred again for 10-20 seconds.
Standard working solution has a concentration of 5%
-19 parts of water per 1 part of concentrate.

IMPORTANT: only refill machines with the working solution of the coolant, not water. Correctness of the working solution preparation shall be performed with the help of a refractometer.

It is recommended to store prepared working solution of Biol for machine-tools at temperatures above zero.

The price of Biol-Limon allows to buy it for any metalworking operations.

Cutting fluid Biol-Lemon can be purchased in Kharkov from Novohim company warehouse and with delivery in Kiev, Dnepr, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Poltava, Vinnitsa and all over Ukraine.

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Requirements for transportation and storage:

BIOL cooling lubricant is non-toxic, fire- and explosion-proof substance. When working with coolant one should wear personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles, gloves.

Biol is packaged by the manufacturer in polyethylene drums and canisters, standard packing volume being 50 and 10 liters. The cutting fluid should be stored in its original packing, in enclosed heated warehouses, equipped with forced ventilation systems, protected from moisture and light. Guaranteed storage life under the recommended conditions is 1 year

It is recommended to transport BIOL coolant by roofed railroad or road transport, in compliance with goods transportation regulations and rules, operating for these types of vehicles.

Buy Biol in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can find in Novohim company in individual containers of 1 liter or in standard packaging in cans and barrels of 10 and 50 liters.


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