Glycerin-based heat fluid for heating systems Freezlight -32°C

Heating agent for heating systems in Ukraine at the best price with a guarantee, delivery for gas and electric boilers on the basis of glycerin is always possible in the Company Novohim on the website or by phone +38 (099) 799-99-92, +38 (067) 55-999-05. Call now!



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Glycerin-based heat fluid for heating systems for gas and electric boilers. Universal cooling fluid. Glycerin coolant for heating systems.
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Heating fluid for heating systems based on glycerin to buy in Kharkov for private homes or factories can be in the online store Novohim.

Heating fluid for heating system -32 to buy – is a very rational and safe solution for your home or industrial premises. IMPORTANT! The working temperature range of such thermal fluid is from -33 ° C to +90 ° C. In addition, the use of this product in the heating circuit guarantees the impossibility of breakage and failure of equipment due to freezing of fluid inside the system.

Advantages of the glycerin-based thermal heat fluid:

  • Heating fluid prevents the appearance of scale on the walls of heat exchange units and the spread of fungi, bacteria and algae;
  • Prevents the destruction of seals (Teflon, rubber, polyethylene, paronite and PVC);
  • Eco-heat-carrier protects against corrosion processes of metals (cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals);
  • Increases the efficiency of circulation pumps;
  • Protects the heating system from freezing;
  • Is explosion- and fire-safe substance;
  • Significantly increases heat transfer in comparison with water;
  • Permitted for use in the food industry;
  • Thanks to the additives that are part of the coolant has low foaming;
  • Can be used as a coolant for open heating systems.

Glycerin-based HTF -32°C for heating systems

is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for humans. That is why it is also called eco heating fluid for heating systems. Consequently, buy such a coolant – eco heating fluid is allowed for an open heating system of a private house or food production. Moreover, it meets all standards of sanitary safety.

Before the coolant for the heating system glycerin to buy, we recommend flushing the heating system with a liquid to remove scale Antirzhavin. After all, it is an effective tool for the biological cleaning of the pipeline from scale and deposits. It also helps to restore the heat output up to 30%. Ideal for easy cleaning of the heating system without the need for additional assistance. You can buy Antirzhavin as well as antifreeze coolant -32°C for heating systems in Novohim Company.

According to the “Rules of technical operation of heating installations and networks” № 71 from 14.02.2007 the heating system should be flushed annually at the end of the heating season, and when replacing the heating fluid.

It is important not to forget that the installation, repair of heating systems, as well as replacement of antifreeze should be trusted only to professionals in accordance with the rules SNiP 2.04.05

Go to the link and choose the coolant:

propylene glycol-based

on glycerine-based

based on ethylene glycol

You can buy the heating fluid for heating systems from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov or with delivery in Kiev, Poltava, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Kherson and all over Ukraine.

Coolant base

Coolant freezing point


, ,

Eco-heating fluid -32 °С

Used for heating, cooling and air conditioning systems.


Homogeneous hygroscopic liquid without mechanical additives.

Density at 20 °С, g/cm3 at -32 °С, not more than -1,145

pH 7.5-8


distilled glycerin, corrosion and foaming additives, distilled water, fluorescent dye

Anticorrosive, antifoaming and stabilizing additives on carboxylate basis guarantee the absence of metal corrosion in the heating system. The service life of coolants with carboxylate-based additives is 2.5 times longer than with conventional additives.

Requirements for usage and storage:

The -32 °C eco-heat carrier should be stored in tightly closed container in unheated rooms and away from direct sunlight. The product has a high level of stability and a warranty period of 5 years, but the product’s durability depends mainly on the conditions of use. Do not mix propylene glycol and ethylene glycol heat transfer media or other heat transfer media. Overheating over 90°C can cause thermal decomposition of the base material and additives, so the coolant should be protected against overheating.


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