Distilled water

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Distilled water application

Distilled water in Kharkov you can buy in the online store chemicals Novohim.

The need to buy distilled water – a common necessity for both industrial enterprises and individuals. Wide popularity of distilled water in domestic and industrial field is caused by the absence in it of any minerals or other impurities and inclusions. This is an absolutely pure aqueous medium.

You can buy distilled water in Ukraine in Company Novohim in canisters, barrels and 1000 liter cubic tanks.

Distilled water in batteries

Battery consists of two lead plates, which are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid, called electrolyte. As the battery works, the water from the battery gradually evaporates, causing its level to drop. As a result, the plates can oxidize by coming into contact with air and become deformed.

To prevent this, you should order distilled water for the battery and periodically refill the distillate. In other words, maintain the electrolyte level. It is noteworthy that ordinary water is not suitable for this. After all, even the slightest content of mineral salt in it can cause damage to the battery plates.

In heating systems

It is extremely important to buy distilled water for the heating system, rather than pouring ordinary tap water.

Properties of distilled water – heating agent:

  1. Prevents the appearance of scale on the inner walls of the elements of heating systems. This is due to the absence of minerals in distilled water, which lead to the appearance of scaling as a result of interaction with the walls of pipes. It is thanks to this property distilled water is also used for maintenance of household appliances;
  2. Buy distilled water in bulk as an antifreeze that prevents crystallization of the liquid at temperatures below zero.


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In windshield washer systems

During the summer, in addition to specialized fluids, you can also buy and add distilled water to the car’s windshield washer system. The use of distilled water in the washer system is due to the fact that the use of ordinary tap water can lead to clogging of the small washer nozzles.

In the winter, distilled water can be used to make solutions for glass washer concentrate.

You can buy distilled water at a fairly low price, but it has significant advantages in its application, compared to tap water.

Distilled water for maintenance of household appliances

Due to the absence of mineral impurities and salts, distilled water does not contaminate the thin ducts in such types of appliances as:

  • Irons;
  • Distilled water for a humidifier;
  • Steam generators;
  • Windshield wipers in automobiles and so on.

Distilled water is also used to wash measuring instruments and some laboratory supplies.

In galvanic baths.

The water is very widely used in galvanic production. Prepared water or desalinated water. It is used in the preparation of process solutions of galvanic baths.


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You can buy distilled water from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov or with delivery in Kiev, Poltava, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Dnepr, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Odessa, Lvov and all over Ukraine.


Международное название


Химическая формула



Деминерализованная вода, дистиллят

Distilled water is

– Demineralized water, which does not contain any impurities and additional inclusions. Absolutely pure water environment.

Distilled water production

Distilled water is produced by distilling ordinary water in distillers.

Transport and storage requirements

It is allowed to transport the drug in roofed rail cars, cars and vessels. Preservation of the packaging provided by the manufacturer and compliance with all safety precautions are mandatory. It can be stored in dry, closed warehouses with good ventilation, avoiding contact of the product with moisture, chemically active substances, fire and mechanical damage.


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