Propylene glycol based heating fluid Freezlight -20°C TT

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Propylene glycol heating fluid -20°C  application

First of all, it is a propylene glycol based fluid.  Meets all technological requirements and environmental safety standards. Fluid for heating “Freezlight”-20 °C you can buy in Kharkov in an online store chemicals Novohim.

Fluid for heating to buy – is a safe and correct decision. Because it:

  1. Has low indicators of corrosive action on metals.
  2. Also does not contain components harmful to human health, namely nitrites and amines.
  3. In addition, not aggressive to rubber hoses and seals of the heating system.
  4. The price of heating fluid is much cheaper than repairing the system after an emergency freezing of water in it.

Which heating fluid to choose, read this link

Click on the link and choose a heating and coolant fluid:

propylene glycol-based

glycerin composition

based on ethylene glycol

Eco heating fluid for solar collectors:

There is excess pressure in the solar system. Before you buy fluid for solar panels, you must remember that the temperature at which the fluid for the heating system boils increases with increasing pressure.

For example:

  • If the pressure in the circuit is 2 bars, the coolant in the -20°C heating radiators will boil at a temperature of about 126 C
  • At 3 bars, it will start boiling at about 142 C
  • And at 4 bars – about 150 C.

Keep in mind that at temperatures above 170 C thermal decomposition of propylene glycol is possible. That may subsequently lead to loss of performance properties of the heating fluid and have to replace it.

Recommendations for filling your system with Freezlight heating:

Before pouring coolant into the heating or air conditioning pipes, a water test should be performed. In order to avoid leakage of the reagent. Before pouring the antifreeze heating medium in the system already running on water, it is necessary to flush the system with Antirzhavin. You can buy it as well as the eco coolant for the heating system -20°C in our organization. This product removes from the system salt and calcium deposits that may have formed in the system during operation. It also prevents the formation of new ones.

After pouring the heating fluid into the system, it is recommended to keep it 2-3 hours without pressure for the free release of air bubbles formed during the filling. According to the normative document “Rules of operation of heating installations and networks” №71 from 14.02.2007 the heating system must be flushed out every year after the heating season and before the replacement of the heating fluid.

To learn more about changing the coolant in the heating system click here

Propylene glycol-based coolant in the heating pipes we offer to buy at the manufacturer’s price and with a 100% quality guarantee of the product.

Follow this link and see all the products in this category

Fluid for heating for heating pipes you can buy in the online store Novokhim in a warehouse in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Dnepr, Vinnitsa and all over Ukraine.

Coolant base

Coolant freezing point


, ,

Appearance :

Homogeneous hygroscopic liquid without mechanical additives, yellow or transparent.

Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 at -20 °C, not more than 1.038

pH 7,5-8


1,2-propylene glycol, anticorrosive and antifoaming additives, distilled water, fluorescent dye.

Ecotemperature 20C is produced on the basis of environmentally pure propylene glycol with anticorrosive, antifoaming additives and a dye.
Prevents freezing, corrosion, overheating and scale formation in the cooling system. Neutral to rubber seals.
Does not contain nitrites and amines.
Requirements for usage and storage:

Coolant must be stored out of the reach of children, in a tightly sealed container.

The product must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

The fluid has a service life of 5 years, after which it is recommended that the fluid be analyzed and, if necessary, corrected.


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