Ethylene glycol based heating fluid Freezlight -20°C

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Ethylene glycol based heating, cooling and air conditioning fluid


You can buy heating fluid in Kharkiv at the Novohim online chemical store.

It is applied for:

  1. Heating systems as heat transfer medium
  2. Cooling systems for internal combustion engines
  3. As a working fluid in various heat exchangers
  4. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems

House heating fluid based on ethylene glycol Freezlight -20°C meets all technical safety requirements to the maximum.

Anti-freezing liquid for heating from Novohim:

  • has extremely low corrosivity to metals
  • does not contain components harmful to human health – nitrites and amines
  • inert to rubber hoses and seals
  • does not freeze or expand like water
  • The heating fluid has a high heat capacity

The price of Freezlight -20°C heating fluid will of course be more expensive than using pure distilled water. However, it is much cheaper than repairing equipment when water freezes in the pipeline. Especially if it is a liquid for heating a private house, where it is not possible to stay constantly.

Therefore, if you are asking what liquid to buy for heating your home, our technical specialists will answer all your questions and select the best version of the antifreeze liquid and offer to calculate the required amount of liquid for the heating boiler.

Follow the link and read what is better to fill in the heating system

Click on the link and choose your coolant:

based on propylene glycol

based on glycerine

ethylene glycol based

Composition and consumer characteristics:

  • Heat Freezlight -20°C heating liquid is made on the basis of ethylene glycol with the use of anti-corrosion, anti-foam additives and a dye.
  • Prevents freezing, corrosion, overheating and scale formation in the cooling system.
  • Neutral to rubber seals.
  • Recommended for use in closed single circuit systems.

The warranty period for replacing liquid for ethylene glycol heating batteries is on average 3-5 years.

Before filling the anti-freeze into the heating system, we recommend flushing the system with a deposit remover Read more about flushing the system in the article “Recommendations for replacing the coolant and maintenance behind the heating system”. Antirzhavin, as well as ethylene glycol-based heating system fluid, can be bought from our Company.

What is non-freezing heating fluid?

  1. Eco Heating fluid based on propylene glycol
  2. Ethylene glycol based
  3. Glycerine based heating fluid
  4. Brine solution (not produced by our company due to strong corrosivity)

What is the best heating fluid? The use of each of the above non-freezing liquids for heating a house or an industrial building has its pros and cons. The choice must be made based on the individual characteristics of the heating system, the type of boiler, the power of the circulation pump, the desired temperature regime, etc.

It is worth noting that propylene glycol-based anti-freeze is the most environmentally friendly and safe. In addition, it is suitable for all types of heating systems, as well as for solar panels. Approved for use in open circuit systems and food processing plants.
Why should I buy an antifreeze heating fluid?

  • The base has a wide range of operating temperatures without changing its properties and without freezing from -65 to +160С
  • Our ethylene glycol-based heating fluid contains a package of modern carboxylate additives against the appearance of corrosion and scale
  • Neutral to rubber seals, metal and textile elements of the heating system
  • It significantly increases the durability of parts and the engine of the heating system
  • Has an ideal structure – moderately viscous and more fluid than water
  • The price of antifreeze liquid in heating ethylene glycol is much lower than that of propylene glycol. However, its (ethylene glycol) toxic properties must be taken into account.


Follow the link and read more about which antifreeze to choose for heating


You can buy liquid for heating from a warehouse in Kharkov or with delivery in Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Sumy, Vinnitsa, Chernihiv and throughout Ukraine.


Жидкость для систем отопления, жидкость для систем охлаждения, антифриз

Coolant base

Coolant freezing point


, ,

Fluid for heating, cooling and air conditioning systems

– is a solution of glycols in water, anti-corrosion, stabilizing and anti-foam additives, as well as coloring additives are also introduced into the composition.
Coolant liquids, antifreezes – heat-cooling agents, contain propylene glycol and ethylene glycol these are aggressive chemical products. Therefore, they contain additives that reduce tens of thousands of times the oxidation processes of the surfaces of materials and, as a result, prevent damage to the hidden cavities of parts, sealing elements of technical systems. The quality characteristics of the liquid for air conditioning systems (cooling and heating) must comply with the requirements of GOST 28084-89 “Non-freezing cooling liquids” and specifications developed on its basis. The heating fluid is supplied at freezing temperatures -10°C, -15°C, -20°C, -25°C, -30°C, -35°C, -40°C.

Quality indicators for heating liquid according to specifications in accordance with GOST 28084-89

Indicator name Norms according to TU
(GOST 28084-89)
1. Appearance Transparent homogeneous colored liquid without mechanical impurities
2. Density at 20°C, g/cm3 1,02 – 1,16
3. Crystallization start temperature (depending on the brand), °C, max  


4. Fractional data:
A) Distillation start temperature, °C, min
B) Mass fraction of liquid distilled to 150°C, %, max



5. Alkalinity, cm3, min 10
6. Foamability:
A) Foam volume, cm3, max.
B) Foam stability, sec, max


7. Hydrogen Index (pH) at 20°C 7,5 – 9,0
8. Corrosive effect on metals, g/sq.m per day:
A) Copper M1 (GOST 859-78), max
B) Brass L63 (GOST 2208-91), max
C) Solder PIC40-2 (GOST 21930-76), max
D) Aluminum AL-9 (GOST 48-178-76), max
E) Pig-iron СН18-36 or СН24-44 (GOST 1412-85), max.
F) Steel 20 (10) (GOST 1050-74), max



9. Exposure to rubber at 100°C for 72h. Volume change, %, max
A) Rubber reference samples 57-5006
B) Rubber reference samples 57-7011


Operation and storage requirements:

Heating fluids that contain propylene glycol and ethylene glycol should be stored in hermetically sealed containers in unheated rooms. Avoid direct sunlight. Antifreeze liquid for heating is characterized by high stability of properties, however, the service life mainly depends on the conditions of its operation. Do not mix propylene glycol-based antifreeze and ethylene glycol-based antifreeze or with a liquid based on another. When overheating exceeds 150°C, thermal decomposition of the base substance and additives is possible, therefore, it is necessary to provide antifreeze protection for the boiler from overheating.


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