Charcoal Carburizer

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Charcoal Carburizer Application

In metal working

Charcoal carburizer buy in Kharkov in the online store of chemicals Novohim for carbon enrichment of iron and steel products.

It is a proven and reliable method of hardening the surface of metals. In the process of heating the carbon is transferred from the coated barium carbonate of granulated coal on cemented steel and cast iron parts.

Advantages of carburizer from Novohim:

  1. The carburizer is made from GOST 7657-84 grade A charcoal
  2. Has a carbon barium content of at least 22%
  3. Charcoal carburizer GOST 2407-83 can be bought for use without renewal up to 3 tabs
  4. It has an optimal granulometric composition for excellent circulation of gases during grouting.

At the bottom of a special container is placed carburizer – fine charcoal, granules of which are covered with a composition of barium carbonate. Products are placed on top of the pellets, which are then completely covered with carburizer. The container is then sent to a high-temperature furnace for thermal hardening. The quenching process to 1mm thickness can take up to 12 hours. Because basically the duration of the hardening process depends directly on the quality of the carburizer.

Charcoal only by State Standard ГОСТ 7657-84 and only grade A are used for high quality carburizer production because mass fraction of non-volatile carbon is not less than 90% only in such charcoal.

In connection with this we do not recommend you to buy the cheapest product on the market because there is a probability of 1000% that it will be produced from the coal dust or its waste. Correspondingly, the carbon content in it will be extremely small. Such a “carburizer” is a waste of money. Coating with such a carburizer will be a short-lived outright defect and will cost energy resources and financial expenditures for nothing.


How to choose a quality carburizer see here


The price at which you can buy a carburizer for cementation in our company is a little more expensive than some copies presented in the market of Ukraine. However, you get a quality guarantee from the manufacturer. In addition, the possibility of economic benefit as a result of the reusability of the product without replacement, in contrast to the cheap knock-offs.

Charcoal carburizer of our development:

  • Is distinguished by its high quality
  • It allows you to reduce the duration of the carburizing process up to 10 hours while maintaining allthe qualitative properties of the product
  • Provides a significant saving of energy resources.

Besides, to buy a carburizer in Kharkov developed by Novohim means to get a quality product, which retains its carburizing properties during a large number of hardening cycles. Provide products with a high degree of carbon saturation and allow significant savings on the purchase of new consumables.

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You can buy the carburizer in Ukraine from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Dnepr, Vinnitsa, Kherson and other cities.

Международное название

Charcoal carburizer


Charcoal carburizer is

– is an inorganic substance, granulated charcoal coated with barium carbonate, water-insoluble, highly refractory

Production of Charcoal Carburizer

Charcoal carburizer is industrially produced by applying a solution of barium carbon dioxide to charcoal chips

Transport and Storage Requirements:

Charcoal borax carburizer is a non-toxic, fire and explosion-proof substance. While handling it one should wear personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles, gloves

The charcoal borax is packed at the manufacturer in paper or polypropylene bags with a polyethylene insert, with a standard weight of 25 kg. It should be stored in the original packaging, in covered warehouses, equipped with forced ventilation systems, protected from moisture and light

Charcoal carburizer is recommended to be transported by sheltered railway or automobile transport, observing the rules and regulations of cargo transportation, operating for these types of transport.

You can buy the carburizer in Kharkov at wholesale prices in the company Novohim in individual packaging of 1 kg or in standard packaging in bags of 25 kg.


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