Antifreeze red concentrate “Freezlight” G12+

Antifreeze red concentrate G12 + for cooling system in the car to buy in Ukraine at the best price with warranty, delivery is always possible in the Company Novohim on this website or by phone +38 (099) 799-99-92, +38 (067) 55-999-05. Call us now!



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Antifreeze red concentrate G12+ for internal combustion engines based on ethylene glycol and a complex of carboxylate additives from the best European manufacturers.


You can buy antifreeze red concentrate in Kharkiv at the Novokhim online chemical store.

Antifreeze concentrate red Freezlight is used for:

  • Cooling systems for internal combustion engines
  • For automotive applications
  • As a working fluid in heat exchangers

G12+ Antifreeze Red Concentratecomplies with all technical requirements and standards of the automotive industry and is safe to use.

Thanks to the carboxylate formula of G12+ level additives, it effectively protects the cooling system from freezing and corrosion.

Antifreeze red characteristics:

  1. Complete protection against cavitation and chemical corrosion
  2. Does not freeze or expand like water
  3. Does not contain harmful components – nitrites and amines, borates and silicates
  4. Suitable for all types of engines
  5. Protects the engine from overheating
  6. Safe for nozzles, rubber hoses and seals
  7. Economical in consumption

The price of G12+ red antifreeze concentrate will certainly be more expensive than using a coolant with a set of traditional additives (tosol -40 ° C). However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of these two coolants for cars is even difficult to compare in terms of corrosion protection and long-term operation. Therefore, for those who value their car, other equipment and financial resources, the choice will of course be for the red G12 + antifreeze concentrate.

Therefore, if you ask what kind of coolant it is advisable to fill in a car, then our technical specialists will answer all questions and select the best option, taking into account all individual characteristics.

Follow the link and read what is better to fill in the heating system at home

The warranty period for antifreeze concentrate for ethylene glycol heating systems is on average 3-5 years or 250,000 km.

Recommendations for the use of Red G12+ Antifreeze Concentrate:

  1. Before refueling, all previous antifreeze must be drained
  2. Rinse the system with water or a special car cooling system cleaner
  3. When flushing, make sure that all rubber and other elements of the system are intact and not damaged. If necessary, replace them
  4. Turn on the engine for 10-15 minutes to warm up to operating temperature, then turn it off
  5. Let the engine cool and drain the water or other flushing fluid
  6. After that, fill in new antifreeze
  7. After a few days, you can check the coolant level and top up if necessary.

G12+ Freezelight Concentrate Dilution Chart

t°C Antifreeze Distilled water
-15 30% 70%
-25 40% 60%
-37 50% 50%
-65 65% 35%


IMPORTANT! It is undesirable to mix with other antifreezes and ordinary unprepared water, as this can lead to a decrease in the anticorrosion abilities of the antifreeze, temperature changes, and precipitation.

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based on propylene glycol


ethylene glycol based

You can buy antifreeze red concentrate from a warehouse in Kharkov or with delivery in Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Sumy, Vinnitsa, Chernihiv and throughout Ukraine.


Охлаждающая жидкость, жидкость для систем охлаждения, антифриз, тосол, ОЖ-40

Coolant base

Concentrate Antifreeze G12+ for cooling systems

– is a concentrate of glycol in water, the composition also contains carboxylate anticorrosive, stabilizing and antifoaming additives from European manufacturers and dyeing additives.
Cooling liquids, antifreezes – coolants, have propylene glycol or ethylene glycol in their composition these are chemically aggressive products. Therefore they contain carboxylate additives that reduce by tens of thousands of times oxidation processes on surfaces of materials and in consequence prevent damages of hidden parts cavities, sealing elements of technical systems. Quality characteristics of antifreezes for air conditioning systems (cooling and heating) must correspond to requirements of GOST 28084-89 “Non-freezing cooling liquids” and Technical Specification developed on its basis.

Requirements for operation and storage:

Antifreezes containing propylene glycol or ethylene glycol should be stored in hermetically sealed containers in unheated rooms. Direct sunlight must be avoided. Although antifreeze is very stable, it will last only as long as the conditions in which it is used. Do not mix propylene glycol-based and ethylene glycol-based antifreeze or antifreeze on another basis. Overheating above 150°C can cause thermal decomposition of the base substance and additives.


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