Cutting fluid Defender Stone / Lubricant-cooling fluid Defender Stone

Cooling agent Defender Stone for stone and glass processing to buy in Ukraine at the best price with delivery always can be in the Company Novohim on this website or by phone +38 (099) 799-99-92, +38 (067) 55-999-05. Call us now!



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Cutting fluid Defender Stone applications:

Cutting fluid for stone Defender Stone you can buy in Ukraine in the online store of chemicals Novohim. For processing and cutting all kinds of stone, including superhard rocks.

First of all it is applicable to work on usual machines. Secondly, it is recommended for CNC machines, automatic and semi-automatic machines. And thirdly, the coolant for stone to buy is designed to work on both low-speed and high-speed machines.

It is noteworthy that Defender “Stone” concentrate is diluted with regular tap water.

The synthetic water-mixable coolant for marble and granite Defender Stone works as a 5% working solution. It is easy to prepare the working solution. Method of mixing concentrate of coolant for stone with water in the ratio of 1 part of coolant to 19 parts of water.

Depending on the hardness of the stone you can increase the concentration of coolant in the solution up to 10%.

Such cutting fluid can be purchased for machining:

  • Marble and granite
  • Other hard stone species
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Examples of applications for glass and stone coolants:
  • Hard stone detailing company.

Initial situation: 
The company had problems with quality processing and cutting stone. Also the consumption of cutting tools exceeded all possible limits. A request was made to buy Defender Stone cutting fluid for stone and test it within a month.  As a result, the goal of the test was to find a coolant that would provide high quality machining as well as cutting tool safety.

The solution:
The working solution of the coolant was prepared in 5% concentration in a special tank for the preparation of the working solution. Then, from this tank, the working solution of coolant was poured into the machines where the parts made of hard stone (marble and granite) were machined.  It should be noted that water for preparation of working solution was tap water. A 3% solution of Defender “Stone” cutting fluid was prepared for refilling the machines. It was also ensured that the concentration of coolant was checked with a refractometer.

To summarize, the Defender “Stone” cutting fluid showed excellent quality of machining hard stone parts as well as high lubricating properties. In addition, the customer reported that the Defender “Stone” coolant had improved tool integrity by more than 60%.

As the above example shows, the price of the stone cutting fluid justifies its use at the company.

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Cutting fluid Defender “Stone” you can buy in the warehouse in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Dnepr, Sumy, Kherson, Vinnitsa and all over Ukraine.

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Defender “Stone” is a premium synthetic lubricant and coolant fluid. The composition of Defender “Stone” includes an advanced package of surfactants of the world’s best manufacturers. Reliable protection is provided by acticide and bactericide of the best world brands.

Advantages of DEFENDER “Stone” lubricant and coolant

  1. Fast and easy preparation of the working solution (dilution) in common water not requiring special preparation
  2. Possesses unique lubricating properties which allow you to significantly increase the wear resistance of your cutting tools.
  3. Does not change the properties of stone and its color
  4. Low foaming
  5. Recommended for hard stone applications
  6. Long working life of working solution in machines, which does not require the introduction of additional additives and bactericides
  7. Long shelf life of the concentrate
  8. Environmentally friendly with no sulphur- and chlorine-containing additives, nitrites and phenols.

Production of DEFENDER “Stone” coolant

DEFENDER “Stone” coolant is industrially produced by combining high quality synthetic oil, surfactants, acticide and bactericide.

Transportation and storage requirements:

DEFENDER “Stone” cutting fluid is a low-toxic, non-fire hazardous substance. Individual protective equipment – respirator, goggles, gloves – should be worn when working with the stone coolant.

DEFENDER “Stone” coolant is packed by the manufacturer in polyethylene drums and canisters with standard weight of 50 and 10 liters. The concentrate should be stored in a closed container, in a closed heated room, away from flammable materials. Temperature should be from +5C to +40C. Avoid freezing of the product and direct sunlight. Shelf life is 9 months from the production date.

DEFENDER “Stone” coolant for stone should be transported by rail or road, in compliance with goods transportation rules and regulations, operating for these types of transport.

Disposal of the used working fluid is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine DSTU

DSTU 446.3.01 and DSTU 4462.3.02.

Buy DEFENDER “Stone” in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can in Novokhim company in individual packages of 1 kg or in standard packaging in barrels and canisters of 10 and 50 liters.

Before preparing a working solution, you need to request instructions from the sales department of Novohim Ltd.




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