Lubricant-coolant fluid BIOL-ECO-ZIMA

Lubricant-coolant Biol Eco winter buy in Ukraine at the best price with a guarantee, delivery for metalworking is always possible in the Company Novohim on the website or by phone +38 (099) 799-99-92, +38 (067) 55-999-05.

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Application of BIOL-ECO-ZIMA cutting fluid

In metal working

Buy Biol Eco-GREAM in Kharkov at the Internet-shop of chemical agents Novohim.

This cutting fluid as well as Сoolant Biol-ECO, is designed for use in machining of metal. To clarify, the concentrate of this coolant is used for winter works down to -20 ºC.

Undoubtedly, one of the best developments for work at low temperatures is coolant “BIOL-ECO-ZIMA”. Firstly, it has excellent lubricating, the highest anticorrosive and antibacterial properties. Secondly, it does not contain sodium nitrite, chlorine and other harmful substances. Thirdly, it is suitable for works in unheated rooms down to -20 °C.

To obtain 5% of working solution of coolant:

  1. For works up to -5 ºС mix with water in the ratio of 1:4 (1 part of concentrate and 4 parts of water)
  2. For works down to -10 ºС mix with water in the ratio of 1:2.5 (1 part of concentrate and 2.5 parts of water)
  3. At temperature down to -20 ºС mixed with water in ratio 1:1,3 (1 part of concentrate and 1,3 parts of water)


Lubricant-coolant Biol-ECO-Winter buy in Kharkov from Novohim Company warehouse and with delivery in Kiev, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Dnepr, Vinnitsa and all over Ukraine.

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Description Coolant BIOL-ECO-ZIMA

Novohim company offers for use in enterprises the use of cutting fluid “BIOL-ECO-ZIMA” for work at ambient temperatures down to -5 °C, -10 °C and -20 °C.

When working at a concentration much higher than the recommended level (10%) it is necessary to wear individual skin protection means.

In the case of a strange odor, together with corrosion, drain the affected working solution, clean the tank of slag and dirt, flush the cooling system with bactericide and water. Drain again.  Pour the freshly prepared working solution into the system.

If industrial or engine oil gets into the cooling system, you need to collect the oil film from the surface of the working solution in the tank of the machine after stopping the machine.


Biol-ECO-ZIMA” lubricant-coolant fluid is packaged by the manufacturer in polyethylene barrels and canisters with standard capacity of 50 and 10 liters. The concentrate should be stored in the original packaging in covered warehouses.


BIOL-ECO-ZIMA lubricant should be stored in closed storage rooms, excluding moisture and atmospheric precipitation.

Buy lubricant-coolant fluid “BIOL-ECO-ZIMA” in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can in Novohim company in individual containers of 5 kg or in standard 10 kg packages.


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