Фото эффективной мойки

How to effectively use technical detergents

Washing is a process that accompanies us in life quite often in various variations. For some, these are everyday situations, such as cleaning the house or caring for a...


Detergent NMS: where to buy and how to apply

Modern working conditions at the enterprise and improvement of technical processes dictate certain requirements for production raw materials and materials used in industry. It is no secret that the...

Фото ПАВ

Surfactants: what is it and what surfactants are

The production of surfactants is growing every year. By 2020, the global market for surfactants has increased compared to 2016, and amounted to almost 36 billion dollars. More and...

Фото мойки лабомидом

Detergent labomid – instructions for use.

How often do you ask yourself how to clean and degrease metal surfaces, assemblies, containers, parts and mechanisms. Sometimes flushing can take place in several stages and it takes...

Купить антисептик и дезинфектанты

What are antiseptics and disinfectants? Instructions for use.

How to protect yourself and your family from viruses and bacteria as much as possible, especially in the midst of...