Thermal conductive paste KPT-8 (GOST 19783-74)

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Application of thermal conductive paste KPT-8:

For computer equipment

Paste KPT buy in Kharkov for use in computer equipment you can in the online store chemicals Novohim.

Heat transfer paste KPT-8 is necessary to prevent overheating of various elements of the computer:

  • processor
  • motherboard north and south bridges
  • GPU graphics card processor, etc.
  • Paste KPT-8 for household purposes

Thermal conductive paste KPT-8 to buy for the improvement of heating systems, such as underfloor heating and other household technical installations.

In the electrical industry

Thermal paste is used in special power equipment to ensure maximum heat removal from highly heated surfaces.

In addition, you can buy thermal paste for:

  1. LEDs
  2. Peltier modules
  3. Power transistors
  4. Many other electronic devices.

The price of paste KPT-8 is not high, but may vary depending on the manufacturing plant and packaging of the goods.

And also offer from the category of goods for the electrical industry dielectric paste KPD from 4,5кg.


In the Company Novohim to buy paste KPT-8 (heat conducting paste) is possible from a warehouse in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Poltava, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Dnepr, Vinnitsa, Kherson and all over Ukraine. Purchase is possible in a minimum package of 2.5 kg and up to tonnage.


Международное название

Thermal grease


термопаста, паста КПТ, термоинтерфейс



Thermal conductive paste KPT-8 is a homogeneous white pasty mass without mechanical inclusions. In the industry KPT paste is made from silicone materials and additives that conduct heat.

The main agent that conducts heat is zinc oxide (semiconductor with a large band gap width), which is milled on a three roller mill with silicone oil, thickened with aerosil.

Paste KPT-8 is quite widespread due to its availability, low cost and availability of the standard, which provides a stable quality, regulated by GOST 19783-74.

Standard packaging – drums of 50 and 25 kg, we can order from 2.5 kg.

Buy thermal paste KPT-8 at a low price from 2.5 kg in Ukraine on our website or by phone: + 38 (099) 799-99-92; +38 (067) 55-999-05


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