Activated charcoal BAU-A

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Activated charcoal BAU-A buy in Kharkov crushed charcoal in the online store Novohim. Obtained from ecologically pure birch wood, the product has a significant porosity and high value of specific absorption.

This makes it ideal for cleaning liquids from iodine molecules and other impurities.

The price of BAU charcoal in Ukraine may be different. Here you need to understand that if you buy BAU coal GOST, with an appropriate iodine number, then for its production uses only high-quality raw materials. Consequently, the price will always be more expensive.

Activated carbon BAU-A application

In liquor production

  1. Birch charcoal is used for conditioning and deep filtration purification of water-alcohol solutions.
  2.  It is possible to buy activated charcoal for filling the charcoal column with the subsequent filtration of a large amount of moonshine or alcohol.
  3. Charcoal BAU is added to tanks for purification of spirit distillates from a wide spectrum of impurities.
  4. It is used for clarification of carbonated drinks, cleaning of distillery products and low alcohol beverages from distillery oils

Activated birch charcoal BAU is characterized by a long working life.

In addition, to buy activated carbon for cleaning moonshine has become popular in the home. Many lovers of home alcoholic beverages use for these purposes this method of filtration.

Activated charcoal BAU-A in boilers

Activated carbon to buy in tandem with ion exchange resins is possible for use in cleaning return steam condensate at thermal power plants from traces of oils.

In wastewater treatment plants.

Buy activated carbon for cleaning is necessary in filtration units of wastewater treatment in many enterprises.

In water treatment.

Activated charcoal BAU-A along with such ion-exchange resins as cationite and anionite

is used in filtration plants in the food industry to purify water for the production of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.

Activated carbon for water can also be purchased for use in small filters for post-treatment of drinking water. Here, it is also a necessary element of the purification system.

In the oil industry

It is necessary to buy activated carbon for the filter in the oil industry as well. It serves as a so-called sponge to absorb petroleum products during their leakage

Activated carbon BAU-A in the metallurgical industry

In this area birch charcoal is a unique reducing agent. This is due to the fact that its composition lacks sulfur and phosphorus. It is used in the casting of manganese.

It is also used as a cover flux in the production of nickel, brass and other non-ferrous alloys.

In addition, serves as a carburizing agent for cast iron, steel and iron. As a carburizing agent you can also buy carburizer or graphite, depending on the tasks of production.


Activated charcoal BAU-A you can buy in Kharkov from the warehouse of Novohim Company or with delivery in Kiev, Poltava, Sumy, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Dnepr and all over Ukraine.

Международное название

Wood crushed activated carbon


уголь активированный березовый

BAU-A coal is

– Activated birch charcoal, black solid porous substance, odorless, with high absorption properties, oxidizing in contact with air, water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Production BAU-A Charcoal

BAU-A carbon in the industry is obtained from birch wood under the influence of water vapor at a temperature of 800-950 ° C.

Requirements for transportation and storage:

When working with BAU-A charcoal you should use personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles and gloves.

BAU-A carbon is packed by the manufacturer into polypropylene or paper bags with a polyethylene insert, with a standard weight of 10 kg. Activated birch charcoal must be stored in its original packaging in closed warehouses equipped with ventilation systems, protected from moisture, isolated from other flammable substances.

BAU-A charcoal is recommended to be transported by covered railway or automobile transport, in compliance with goods transportation norms and rules, operating for these kinds of transport.

Order BAU-A charcoal in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can in the company Novohim in individual packaging of 5 kg or in standard packaging in bags of 10 kg.


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