Desalinated water / demineralized water

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Desalinated water application

Desalinated water can be bought in Ukraine in the online store of chemicals Novohim become necessary in various fields of industry. It is also called demineralized water. Such water has no admixtures of salts and minerals. It is also used in large quantities at home.

In electroplating

For example, treated demineralized water is used in electrolyte preparation and for rinsing workpieces in the galvanic industry. Moreover, only such water meets the requirements of the normative document GOST 9.314-90. This GOST regulates the requirements to the quality of electroplating water in terms of electric conductivity, pH-value, hardness and other technical parameters.

Desalinated water as a coolant for heating systems

Desalinated water is used not only as the basic heat-carrier in the heating system but also for preparation of solutions from concentrate of low-temperature heat-carriers on the basis of propylene glycol, glycerin or ethylene glycol. Desalinated water is recommended for use by manufacturers of heating equipment.

The advantages of using desalinated water for the production of heat transfer fluids:

  1. Prevents the formation of scale and corrosion
  2. No additives

Because using regular tap water leads to the formation of scale, sludge, corrosion and other such troubles that can cause system breakdowns.

In the heating and power industry

Industrial scale desalinated water is used in this field. Because, the use of water purified from impurities of salts, allows you to save resources and prolong the operation of equipment.

Desalinated water in the chemical production of oil and gas industry

Demineralized water is used in the production of antifreezes, detergents and process liquids, in the preparation of industrial solutions for various industries, etc.

The use of desalinated water is an important production condition, because the presence of impurities of salts and other minerals in water can adversely affect the functioning of industrial equipment, as well as the end product production.

In metalworking

It is important to buy desalinated water when preparing a working solution of coolant (lubricant-coolant) for metalworking. For these purposes, only desalinated or distilled water .

The quality of the water used: impurities, hardness, hydrogen index, is one of the main factors that affect the quality of the prepared solution, its correct and continuous operation.

For domestic use

To extend the service life of electric heating appliances (irons, electric kettles, air ionizers and other equipment), industrial steam equipment, plumbing fixtures, appliances, you should use desalinated and distilled water. It will save you from problems with scale formation, corrosion and other deposits.


You can buy desalinated water from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Dnepr, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolayev, Lviv, Kremenchug and all over Ukraine.

Международное название


Химическая формула



Деминерализованная вода, дистиллят

Desalinated water is

– water purified from impurities, salts, minerals for industrial and domestic use.

The indicators of desalinated water have the following main parameters:

Specific conductivity, μS/cm within 5 to 20
Hydrogen index, units. pH from 6, 6 to 8.5
Hardness from 0.35 mg-eq/L

This water is considered to be prepared, electrochemically neutral and ready for use.

Demineralized water production

Besides distillation, the water is ionic treated with cationic and anionic exchange resins. This two-step process produces deeply purified demineralized water.


Transportation of desalted water is allowed by rail tankers, road and sea transport in the manufacturer’s sealed container.


Can be stored in dry, enclosed warehouses, away from chemically active substances and substances with a pungent odor in the manufacturer’s container.

You can buy desalted water in Kharkov at wholesale prices in Novohim company in individual packages of 10 liters.


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