Coolant change

Coolant is a complex of surfactants with multicomponent additives, including antibacterial and anticorrosive ones.
By classification Coolants can be water-miscible and non-water-miscible. Regardless of the type of coolant, the spent working solution, depending on contamination, needs to be changed in time.

When coolant needs to be changed in machines:

  • Mechanical pollution and bottom sediments (ingress of chips, scale, rusty fragments from dirty parts, foreign liquids and oils).< /li>

The consequences of such contamination are the appearance of corrosion and / or sticky deposits on equipment and parts.

  • Bacterial damage to the working solution (occurs when the permissible concentration of the working solution is underestimated, during long-term downtime of the equipment, when using water from a well or a well).

In case of bacterial damage, the working solution changes its color to dark gray, and a sharp unpleasant odor appears. Service personnel can often experience skin irritation.

In case of the above problems, it is urgent to replace the working solution in the machine.

How to change coolant

To change the coolant in the machine, do the following:

  • Drain all liquid from the tank, remove sediment.
  • Wipe the inside of the container thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  • Flush the entire machine system and get away from the problem of contamination or contamination. To do this, you need to prepare a washing solution. In particular, dilute Biol Eco coolant with water in a separate container at the rate of 1 part Biol Eco to 30 parts of tap water.
  • Pour the resulting 3% working solution into the tank
  • Turn on coolant system and circulate for 2-6 hours. Thanks to its excellent detergent properties and antibacterial additives, the entire system will be cleaned of remaining dirt and bacteria.
  • Turn off the machine when the circulation process is over.
  • Drain flush fluid.
  • Wipe the machine container dry again with a clean cloth.
  • Pour freshly prepared working solution (if the coolant is water-miscible) or ready-to-use coolant.


Recommendations for replacing and preparing the working coolant solution

  1. Prepare the working solution in a separate container, which is specially designed for this.
  2. Assign one specialist to oversee this process
  3. To prevent chips, scale from entering the coolant supply system, use coolant filtration equipment.

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