Universal laundry detergent

Washing powder universal buy in Ukraine at the best price with delivery for laundries, medical, sports and health facilities, catering establishments, food and engineering production, construction, for industrial needs is always possible in the Company Novohim on the site or by phone 38 (099) 799-99-92 +38 (067) 55-999-05. Call now!



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Laundry detergent buy in Kharkov you can in the online store chemicals Novohim.

Universal laundry detergent application

In the laundries

Laundry detergent to buy for the effective removal of dirt from any kind of textile products.

Washing powder in sports and recreation facilities

The price of the washing powder allows its successful application as for washing textiles, and for washing premises, including household purposes.

In medical institutions

Universal laundry detergent is used for washing linen and special clothes of personnel in automatic machines.

In addition, it effectively washes any equipment surfaces, walls and floors of the premises.

Washing powder in machinery

Moreover, washing powder is used for washing work clothes in industrial enterprises.

In food production and catering facilities

Universal laundry detergent maintains a high level of cleanliness in food production areas, kitchens and halls for visitors.

In building

Universal laundry detergent acts as a plasticizer in concrete mixes.

Top 5 properties of laundry detergent:

  1. Proprietary laundry detergent is made exclusively from high-quality raw materials
  2. Has high cleaning properties, removes even hard-to-remove contaminants from fabrics of all kinds
  3. Effective for washing any kind of surfaces
  4. Suitable for both industrial and domestic use
  5. Can be used in all types of washing machines.


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Universal laundry detergent can be bought from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov or with delivery in Kiev, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Dnepr and all over Ukraine.

Международное название

Universal washing powder


Смс, средство моющее синтетическое


Universal laundry detergent is

– Inorganic substance, homogeneous fine-grained powder of white or yellowish color with a slight odor of fragrance, easily soluble in water.

Production of universal laundry detergent

All-purpose laundry detergent is industrially produced by combining a number of cleaning chemicals and surfactants

Requirements for transportation and storage:

Universal laundry detergent is a non-toxic, fire- and explosion-proof substance. While working with the powder it is necessary to use personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles, gloves.

The washing powder universal is packed at the manufacturer in paper or polypropylene bags with a polyethylene insert, the standard packing weight is 25 kg. The powder should be stored in the original packaging in closed storage rooms, equipped with forced ventilation systems, protected from moisture and light

Universal washing powder is recommended to be transported by covered rail or automobile transport, in compliance with goods transportation rules and regulations, operating for these kinds of transport.

Buy a universal laundry detergent in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can in the company Novohim in standard packaging in bags of 25 kg.


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