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You can buy Labomide 102 in Kharkov in the online store of chemicals Novohim – degreasing agent for submersible washing machines.

Labomide 102 is an improved formula of the detergent with a high alkali content. This allows even faster and more effective cleaning of metal surfaces from the most persistent contaminants.

Technical detergent labomide-102 operates at a water temperature of 50-90 ° C. In addition, it is one of the most economical preparations, effectively acting in the form of a 1-1.5% solution. Namely, to remove the most difficult dirt, it is enough to dissolve 10-15 g of the substance in 1 liter of water.

If at your enterprise washing of parts and mechanisms is carried out by machines of jet type, it is recommended to use Labomide 101 for jet washing.

Labomide 102 application

In metalworking.

Labomides are used for:

  1. Degreasing of machined metal surfaces
  2. Removal of preservative oils, petroleum-oil contaminants and cutting fluids
  3. To clean metals prior to further processing, galvanizing or painting.

Labomide 101 in mechanical engineering

Labomide with high alkali content is used for washing parts, containers, tanks, degreasing assemblies, units, engines from preservation materials and bitumen.

At the car service

You can also buy Labomide 102 to clean radiators, engines and car surfaces from solidified oil, tar and other contaminants of all kinds of vehicles.

Labomide 102 in metallurgy

Effective for removing cured oil, bitumen, grease, sludge and other types of complex contaminants from metal surfaces.

In metal processing

In this area the working solution of Labomide is used for degreasing machined surfaces, removal of preservative oils, petroleum-oil contaminations and cooling lubricants.

Advantages of labomide 102:

  1. Dissolves well in water
  2. Easy to prepare a working solution
  3. Labomide 102 does not contain any toxic compounds and does not form them when used
  4. No special waste disposal after use; it does not contaminate waste water
  5. Fire and explosion proof
  6. Has moderate foaming
  7. Biodegradable

Labomide instructions for use

To prepare to use cleaning solution of Labomide 102 use 10 – 15 grams of Labomide per 1 liter of water. The temperature of the working solution should be 50-90 C.


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You can buy Labomide 102 from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Sumy, Poltava, Dnepr, Zaporozhye, Kherson and all over Ukraine.

Международное название



моющее средство лабомид

Labomide 102 is

– white powder, sometimes with a slight yellowish tinge, viscous to the touch, a complex of inorganic compounds, effectively soluble in water, has high detergent properties and good emulsifying ability.

Production of Labomide 102

Labomide 102 is industrially produced by combining alkaline salts, surfactants and modifiers.

Shipping and storage requirements:

Labomide 102 is non-toxic, fire-safe, and biodegradable.

Labomide 102 is packed at the manufacturing plant in polypropylene or paper bags with a polyethylene insert and 25 kg weight. Labomid 102 should be stored in covered warehouses protected from moisture and light.

Labomide 102 is transported by covered railroad or by automobile transport in compliance with goods transportation rules and regulations applicable to the given modes of transport.

You may order Labomide 102 at wholesale prices in Kharkov from Novohim company in individual or standard packaging in 25 kg bags.


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