Labomide 203

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Labomide 203 you can buy in Kharkov in the online store of chemicals Novohim. A highly effective degreasing agent used in washing baths without liquid flow.

Labomide 203 is perfectly soluble in water heated up to 80-100 °С. It successfully removes grease, bitumen and oil deposits. For effective action it is sufficient to dissolve 25-35 g of the substance in 1 liter of water, herewith the cleaning properties of the solution remain even at high concentrations of oils in it.

Labomide 203 application

In metalworking

Detergent Labomid-203 to buy effectively:

  • for cleaning and degreasing machined parts
  • removal of preservative grease substances
  • oil and grease contaminations
  • lubricants and coolants fluid.

Labomide-203 in automotive industry and auto service

The synthetic detergent labomid-203 is successfully used for cleaning of radiators, engines and car surfaces from solidified oils, tar and other complex contaminations.

In mechanical engineering.

Technical detergent grade 203 is also used for cleaning parts, tanks, reservoirs, degreasing assemblies, units, engines from preservation greases and bitumen at engineering plants.

In metallurgical industry.

In addition, labomid-203 has proven successful in removing solidified oil, bitumen, grease, sludge and many other complex contaminants in metallurgy.

Advantages of using labomide-203:

  1. Economical price.
  2. Low consumption (only 20-35 g of powder per 1 liter of water)
  3. Can be used for washing and degreasing of all steel, cast iron and aluminum grades
  4. Can be drained into drains without special waste disposal
  5. Contains no toxic substances
  6. It has strong detergent and degreasing properties.

How to dilute Labomid-203

Concentration of the working solution – 20-40 g/dm3
Temperature of working solution – 50-100 С
Exposure time – depending on the complexity of operational pollution.


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You can buy Labomid-203 from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov or with delivery in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Poltava, Kherson and all over Ukraine.

Международное название



моющее средство лабомид

Labomide 203 is

– a multi-component loose powdery mixture of white, sometimes slightly yellowish color, a complex of inorganic salts, successfully soluble in water, has detergent properties and good emulsification.

Production of labomide 203

Labomide 203 is produced at chemical plants by combining alkaline salts, surfactants and modifiers.

Shipping and storage requirements:

Labomide 203 is non-toxic, fire-safe and biodegradable.

Labomide 203 is packaged by manufacturer in polypropylene or paper bags having polyethylene insert and weighing 25 kg. It is recommended to store Labomide 203 in covered warehouses protected from moisture and light.

Labomide 203 is approved for transportation by covered railroad or motor vehicle in accordance with cargo rules and regulations applicable to these modes of transportation.

Order Labomide 203 in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can at Novohim company in individual packing or in standard packaging in 25-kilogram bags.


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