Glass cleaner concentrate -80

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Glass cleaner concentrate -80C° is a concentrated product for quick and effective cleaning of car glass in winter time.

Glass cleaner concentrate in Kharkov you can buy in the online store of chemicals Novohim.

It is a concentrated product for quick and effective cleaning of glass surfaces of the car in winter time. The concentrate is designed for a temperature of -80°C.

Winter concentrate for car windows is produced from quality raw materials on the basis of alcohol. It has a pleasant smell. The composition does not contain methanol and other toxic substances for humans.

Top 5 properties of the washer concentrate :

  1. Effective at ambient temperatures even at very low temperatures. Can be diluted (according to the table)
  2. Protects the washer reservoir and vehicle spraying system from freezing at temperatures below 0°C
  3. No harmful effect on car paintwork, brushes, plastic and rubber parts
  4. Has a freezing point below 80°C
  5. Leaves no streaks or marks on glass

Window washer application

In automobiles

  • Concentrate glass washer -80 is used for the automatic cleaning of car windows and headlamps.
  • Can also be used for cleaning windows manually
  • Effective for household glass and home window cleaning
  • Glass cleaner concentrate -80 is effective for removing all types of dirt

Must be diluted with distilled water in the ratio recommended in the instructions on the washer package before use.


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Concentrate glass washer can be purchased from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov or with delivery in Kiev, Dnepr, Odessa, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Kherson and all over Ukraine.

Международное название

Glass washer concentrate – 80


Очиститель автостекол зимний, омывайка


Concentrate glass cleaner – 80 is

– Inorganic substance, alcoholic surfactant solution and anticorrosive additives

Production of Concentrate Glass Washer – 80

Glass washing agent concentrate – 80 is industrially produced in the process of combining monoethylene glycol, anatolalcohol and dyestuff

Transportation and storage requirements:

Glass cleaner concentrate – 80 is a non-toxic, flammable substance. Personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles, gloves must be worn when working with auto glass cleaner in winter.

Glass cleaner concentrate – 80 is packed at the enterprise-manufacturer into polyethylene canisters which standard packing volume is 5 litres. Winter Car Glass Cleaner must be stored in its original packaging, in closed warehouses equipped with forced ventilation systems, protected from moisture and light.

Concentrate Glass Cleaner – 80 is recommended to be transported by covered rail or road, in compliance with the rules and regulations for the transportation of goods, operating for these types of transport.

Concentrate glass washer – 80 in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can buy in the company Novohim in the standard packaging of 5 liters or .


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