Detergent TMS-31

Detergent TMS-31 buy in Ukraine at the best price with delivery for engineering, instrumentation, electronics, jewelry production is always possible in the Company Novohim on this website or by phone +38 (099) 799-99-92, +38 (067) 55-999-05.

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Detergent TMS-31 you can buy in Kharkov in the online store of chemicals Novohim.

It is a mild detergent designed for soft and complete cleaning of metal products in the washing units of submerged type.

Instructions for use of TMS-31 detergent

Technical detergent TMS-31 is very effective and economical. The required concentration is only 30 to 80 grams per liter of water. It is important to note that the temperature of water for the preparation of the working solution may vary between 40-80 ° C .

For complete cleaning, it is sufficient to immerse the items in the bathtub with the solution for 5-20 minutes.

Detergent TMS-31 industrial application

In mechanical engineering

TMS-31 detergent effectively cleans the surface of metal products from:

  • oil
  • conservation agents
  • lapping pastes
  • cutting fluids
  • oil contaminations and so on.

Simultaneously with washing and degreasing TMS-31 provides protection of the treated surface from corrosion.

In instrument engineering, radioelectronics.

In addition TMS-31 detergent are characterized by a mild effect. It does not leave a salt residue on the cleaned items that allows to use it for washing parts of high-precision devices and electronic boards.

In the jewelry industry

Technical Detergent TMS-31 due to its high softness is an excellent tool for cleaning jewelry made of precious metals.

It is worth noting that TMS-31 detergent for washing and degreasing is characterized by high cleaning ability. It effectively removes polishing pastes from the surface of products.


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Technical detergent TMS-31 you can buy from the warehouse of Novohim Company in Kharkov or with delivery in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Poltava, Kremenchug, Vinnitsa, Dnepr and all over Ukraine.

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Моющее средство для установок погружного типа

Detergent TMS-31 is

– is an inorganic compound, mobile paste-like substance whose color varies from light beige to light brown, with a specific non-irritating smell, characterized by high washing ability, high softness and abundant foaming.

Transportation and storage requirements:

TMS-31 detergent is a fire and explosion-proof non-toxic substance. When working with TMS-31 detergent one shall wear gloves.

TMC-31 detergent is packaged by the manufacturer in plastic buckets with a standard packing weight of 20 kg. TMS-31 detergent should be stored in the original packaging in closed warehouses equipped with ventilation systems, protected from moisture and light.

It is recommended to transport TMS-31 detergent by roofed rail or automobile transport by observing norms and rules of goods transportation, operating for these kinds of transport.

To order the detergent TMS-31 in Kharkov at wholesale prices you can in the company Novokhim in individual packages of 1 kg or in standard packaging in buckets of 20 kg.


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