Detergent NMS-95-1 with defoamer

Detergent NMS-95 with defoamer for metalworking, car service, for the metal industry, food production is always available in the company Novohim on the website or by phone 38 (099) 799-99-92 + 38 (067) 55-999-05. Call now!



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Application of detergent NMS with defoamer:

Low-temperature detergent NMS-95 with defoamer buy in Kharkov you can in the online store of chemicals Novohim for jet washing.

In machinery

The detergent with defoamer is widely used in the degreasing and cleaning of parts, assemblies and engines at enterprises of the machine-building industry.

Detergent NMS with defoamer in the automotive industry and car service

Moreover, it is used as a means of cleaning radiators, engines, surfaces of cars and appliances from various types of dirt.

Metal industry

You must buy NMS detergent with defoamer when cleaning surfaces from hardened oil, bitumen, Buksol grease and other difficult contaminants. Applicable for all types of cast iron and all grades of steel.

Detergent with defoamer in metalworking

It is used for degreasing metal surfaces from preservation oils and cutting fluids.

Advantages of using the detergent with defoamer:

  1. Easily and quickly cleans metal surfaces of all contaminants
  2. Suitable for washing in jet-type machines
  3. Contains active ingredients and caustic soda
  4. Can be used at temperatures below 5°C
  5. Easy to prepare working solution
  6. Safe and toxin free
  7. Can be discharged into the sewer without special disposal.

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Detergent NMS with defoamer can be bought from the warehouse in Kharkov and with delivery in Kiev, Dnepr, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Sumy, Kherson, Vinnitsa and all over Ukraine.



низкотемпературное моющее средство


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Description and characteristics:

NMS- is a multi-component, low-temperature detergent that is water-based.
It is well soluble in water and has excellent detergent and cleaning properties.
It comes in several grades – NMS-95 and NMS-95-1, NMS-95-2 .
The recommended concentration for all operations is 2-7%.
Perfectly saves energy resources as it works perfectly in cold water and does not require special disposal.
Suitable for jet washing.


Low-temperature detergent NMS with defoamer has the form of a paste-like moving mass of light shades. Detergent NMS is industrially produced in the process of combining alkaline salts, surfactants and modifiers.

Packaging, transportation and storage:

Detergent NMS with defoamer is packaged at the factory in barrels weighing 50 kg . Low temperature detergent with defoamer is transported by rail in boxcars or by trucks in roofed vehicles. Low temperature detergent NMS-95 with defoamer is stored in the packaging manufacturer in covered warehouses, protected from moisture and direct light sources.

Standard packaging – 50 kg drums, we can order from 5 kg.


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